Top Health Apps For Android To Use


Samsung Health

Samsung Health , is one of the top Health Apps which was offered by Samsung electronics Company Limited . It requires Android version of 4.4 and above in the latest version of this application. They have improved the various bugs you can even explore some various programs which are design by some profession of the fitness for achieving user fitness goals. The user can even setup waste management goals which is basically based on there calorie balances.

It also supports the new accessories like in body dial h20 b this application basically provides the user to track their daily routine and it prepare the chart of fitness and diet it helps to track the weight and the user can monitor their types while using some Galaxy devices like Smartphones and other Android devices every movement of the user while they are playing indoor or outdoor Sports live in hiking, tracks while the user is running or hiking or biking on the various tracks like of physical exercises in a single step the user have to just activate the built-in trackers to track their activities this application can be downloaded on other Android devices and it is inbuilt in some of the Samsung devices it is free to download and easy to access on Google Play Store.

Practo – Doctors, Online Medicine

Practo, is a Health App for Android which was offered by Practo it has more than 1 million downloads it is one of the leading Healthcare apps in the world. It has got the following features It is the best way to book doctor appointments you can consult with any doctor worldwide being online order medicines online from any pharmacy nearby your home or far away from home also. You can set medicine reminders so that you can take your medicine dosage from time to time without skipping any of the dosage. You can book the prescribed lab tests online you can keep your medical records handy safe secure and easily accessible from anywhere worldwide . You will be able to learn new ways to be healthier through this app moreover you can ask questions related to your health issues so that you can get answers in return so that your query or related to your health could be cleared out. It can be easily downloaded and installed with the help of Google Play Store

iCare Health Monitor

iCare Health Monitor, is one of the most popular Healthcare apps which was offered by iCare fit Studio . It has got more than 5 million download the main feature which does AP consists of are as follows blood pressure measurement is supported by this app it can measure your heart rate it can measure your blood oxygen respiratory rate measurement can be done by this app it is also able to do vision measurement or I test 1 and 2 hearing measurement or hearing test lung capacity measurement is also done. It can picturize real time photoplethysmography graph Indus Autism spectrum test it has got Pedometer. It has got vision care, it has got workout ,it suggests you abs workout it suggests you leg workout more, it has unlimited data storage and tags ,it has got export data feature for registered users . It is easy to use you can easily download and install this app with the help of Google Play Store in free.

Lifesum : Calorie Counter

Life sum, this application is basically used for health management on Android smartphone devices it was offered by lifesum its in app purchases ranges from Rupees 199.00 To rupees 3360.00 per item . It has got more than 5 million installs its main goal is to make you eat healthy and lose weight and you can do this with the help of healthy recipes and personalized diet plans present in this app. The 5 most important reasons why you should download food tracker life sum app it offers you diet and meal planner with Suits you and your lifestyle.

It consists of calorie counter with Barcode Scanner which offers you easy food tracking, you can also see your daily nutrition and calories with the help of macro tracker Not on get diet tips and feedback with the help of weight loss motivator You can get recipes related to keto diet low carb diet high protein diet and much more which helps you in healthy living.